TC-Engineering GmbH custom engineered equipment. New electrically powered Cathode Heater approved. More details? Contact us.
TC-Engineering GmbHcustom engineered equipment. New electrically powered Cathode Heater approved. More details? Contact us.  


Container Spreader


Supplier to the

  • primary and secondary aluminium industry,
  • anode handling,
  • billet and slab handling,
  • on shore container spreader,
  • wire mesh industry,
  • rolling mill industry
  • tier one industry metall production
  • homogenizing processes
  • casthouses
Rundbarrenzange Billet tong

Lifting Equipment

Hydraulic tongs / Electromech.grabs

  • slab tong up to 50t capacity
  • billet tong
  • sheet lifter
  • horizontal coil tongs
  • clamshell grabs
  • orange peel grabs
  • container spreader, telescopic 20/40ft
  • log grab - log grapple
  • Steinstapelzange

Mechanical tongs / grabs

  • slab tongs
  • billet tongs
  • wire coil tongs
  • wire mesh lifter
  • Betonschutzwandzange
Anode slot cutting machine, anode slotting saw Anode slotting machine

Process Equipment

Billet processing / Anode processing

  • circular saws - anode slot cutting
  • band saws
  • ultrasonic 100% testing inline/offline
  • stacking stations
  • strapping stations
  • marking stations
  • automatic cranes for batch handling
  • engineering of homogenizing furnace complementary handling
  • manufacturing and supply

Alu chip presses for billet saw process

Dust filters for anode cutting process


Manufacturing according your drawing Czech Rep.

  • welded steel structures
  • horizontal boring
  • machining in general
Engineering GmbH

With our machines as below we manufacture our products

CNC Fertigung CNC milling machines



Repair and service for tongs and grabs in Czech Republic

  • we maintain your tongs (change filters, knifes, hoses etc.)
  • we repair (exchange valves, pumps, bent parts)
  • we do UVV annual checking and approval
  • we do load testing inhouse
Horizontalbohrwerk CNC Boring Mill



On our plant surface of 15000 sqm we run following equipment

  • material prep. shop 10t crane
  • flame cutter
  • band saw
  • shears
  • press brake
  • machine shop 3,2t crane
  • 4 horizontal boring machines
  • vertical boring machines
  • welding shop, 5t crane
  • press
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