TC-Engineering GmbH custom engineered equipment. New electrically powered Cathode Heater approved. More details? Contact us.
TC-Engineering GmbHcustom engineered equipment. New electrically powered Cathode Heater approved. More details? Contact us.  

Cast Log Ultrasonic Testing (100%) or centre crack, Helical Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic billet inspection Cast Log Ultrasonic Testing

Our system for 100% ultrasonic inspection of billet is based upon our technology for center crack detections. We differ from existing systems in terms of number of heads, postion of heads and the rotation of the billet.

Our design compensates for potential problems due to:

- Bent logs

- Bleed outs

- Surface imperfections

100% Ultrasonic testing for aluminium billets. Please ask for our video!



Ultrasonic Billet Inspection
Semi-submerged ultrasonic billet testing equipment, centre crack or 100%, probe options
Data Sheet Ultrasonic Testing 100 %.pdf
PDF-Dokument [704.8 KB]

Billet - log circular saw, band saw

aluminium log saw, cold saw, circular log saw, Bolzensäge
Cold saw, extrrusion billets
Billet circular saw, Log saw
Cicular cold billet saw for saw plant, homogenizing process a.s.o.
Data Sheet Saw.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.1 MB]
Cold saw, with pick and place, automatische Bolzensäge

Customized saw design for your round billet homogenizing plant

The standard TC Saw is designed to cut billets with a diametre of Ø100-Ø458mm - lengths from 380mm to 8000mm. The system may be supplied with length measuring systems, marking systems, swarf extraction and automatic handling of crop ends.



Aluminium Billet Stacker and Shuttles

aluminium log stacker, automatische Stapelung der Bolzen

Stacking of cut billets to get ready for marking and strapping.



Metall and plastic vertical strapping machine Billet vertical strapper with shuttle

 Aluminium Billet Strapping Machines

aluminium log strapper, automatische Umreifung der Bolzen
Automatic billet strapping machine Billet vertical strapping machine

Strapper / Packaging of cut billets prepare for shipment



Aluminium Billet Marker

Automatic strapping and marking of single billets and bundels
Data Sheet Strapper.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1'018.5 KB]

Marking of batches / round billets

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