TC-Engineering GmbH custom engineered equipment. New electrically powered Cathode Heater approved. More details? Contact us.
TC-Engineering GmbHcustom engineered equipment. New electrically powered Cathode Heater approved. More details? Contact us.  

Coil Hook, Coil Tong

C hooks and horizontal coil tongs for aluminium and steel coil handling with coil eye horizontally. We design custom specific according your load dimensions and weight. In the foto below you can see a counter weight load fork with lockable hook bolt, capacity 15t.



C-Haken mit Ablagegestell, 4/4 Zinke C-Hook on stand, counterbalance, 4/4
Hook bolt with lock instead of hook eye. C-Hook 15 t capacity
C Hook for Coil Storage Rack C-Hook for Coil Rack
C-Hook with counterweight C Haken mit Hakenbolzen, verriebelbar

C-Hook with hook bolt

Hook bolt removable for easy attachment to crane hook. Safety features: Chain backed and with toggel lever system locked.

Horizontal coil tongs, electromotor driven, with pinion and chain drive or rack and pinion drive available. Custom engineered or in three standard versions 15t, 32t, 45t. For single or double crane hook, with rotation 270° or 360° or 0°, with sensitive coil side detection, laser sensor or mechanical coil side detection, security detection in tong foot for safety function - no opening while load is in tong - , cold and hot coil applications, scale, remote control and so on....

Telescopic coiltongs for aluminium coils Teleskop Coilzangen für Alucoils
Horizontal Coiltong for aluminium coils Coilzange für Aluminiumcoils
Coil tong, mechanical vertical coil tong
C hook, counterweight, hook bolt, capacity 25t

Counterweight C hook with coil, 5 to 40t capacity

C hook in 4° angle during operation with coil.

Prong length: 3/4 or 4/4

Hook connection: chain suspension, hook bolt, spring balanced

Coil length: 375 bis 2000mm

Coil height: up to 2500 mm

For enquiries: Please provide coil dimensions like length, outer diameter, coil eye inner diameter, material, temperature

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