TC-Engineering GmbH custom engineered equipment. New electrically powered Cathode Heater approved. More details? Contact us.
TC-Engineering GmbHcustom engineered equipment. New electrically powered Cathode Heater approved. More details? Contact us.  

Anode bake furnace flue wall brushing machine

We provide for the anode baking furnace plants this wall brushing machine. It can be battery powered or with power voltage AC. We size it to your requirements in width and length. Please contact us with your dimensional details and we provide a drawing for your reference.



Carbon plant equipment Flue wall brushing machine

In our program for anode plants you will find mechanical and hydraulic tongs to handle anodes, we offer the anode slot cutting machine with a manipulator, we have flue wall demolition and constrution equipment as well as this brushing machine to improve the furnace performance

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